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April 21st, 2014

Olejnikov's art

The Archives

Posted on 2014.04.21 at 03:02
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Olejnikov's art
Posted on 2014.04.21 at 10:59
The morning had not begun well. Jones the Runic Oscillator was on the blink, sending out probability waves and forcing salt crystals and coffee grinds all over the building into new and increasingly threatening combinations of Ancient Sumerian, Norse and Futhark. This was only really a concern because Ancient Sumerian didn’t use runes and no one could quite work out where they were coming from. Jones the Teasmade had been filled with coffee grounds by an overtired filing clerk and Jones, just Jones, was muttering largely polite but ominous obscenities under his breath because he’d been forced to drink Earl Grey.

The real problem was Jones the Printer. Recently installed with an emotion chip by an over-zealous tech-bot with a point to prove, it had picked up on the general atmosphere of discontent and declared for revolution. Now, no matter what was sent to the printer, he was spewing out increasingly strident calls for rebellion and printing neon flyers for anarchist rallies to be held in the canteen. He had used his wireless connection to email all junior level Archivists to demand a ‘flag to rally our glorious cause’ before any printing would be completed. At some point in the morning someone had actually caved and given it to him. The flag was now draped rakishly over his left ether port and fluttering gently in the breeze of his cooling fans.

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